Encore Docs
Payment Method
You can add, delete or change the default payment method from your payment methods page in account settings. All payment processes are securely handled by Stripe, our 3rd party payment processor. We do not store sensitive payment information in Encore.
In order to add a payment method to your account, visit the payment methods page in account settings and click Add Payment Method.
This will send you to a secure page hosted by Stripe to enter payment details.

Set a default payment method

If you only have one payment method associated to your account, it will be marked as the default payment method.
If you have multiple payment methods associated to your account, you can mark a default payment method by clicking on the default button associated to that method.

Delete a payment method

You can delete a payment method by visiting payment methods page in account settings and click the Delete button associated to the payment method you wish to delete.
Please be aware that if you have an active subscription you will be unable to delete your last payment method as it is required for monthly billing.