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Phone Compliance

US local number compliance

There is a system in the United States that allows businesses to send Application-to-Person (A2P) type messaging via standard 10-digit long code (10DLC) phone numbers (these are called local numbers in Encore). Carriers in the US consider all Encore traffic to be A2P. Carriers’ A2P 10DLC offerings provide better delivery quality and lower filtering risk than long code SMS of the past, using the same phone numbers.
Currently, the only US phone number type that requires compliance are local phone numbers. If you'd like to avoid registering a brand and going through the compliance process, we suggest purchasing a toll-free number. Each number type has pro's and con's which are discussed here.
For an up-to-date FAQ on US local number compliance, visit this page.
If you own a local US phone number on Encore you will need to take the following steps to prevent carrier filtering:
  • Create a brand
  • Submit a use case
These steps are documented in-depth in the following sections.

Creating a brand

Visit the phone compliance page and click Create Brand.

Starter brand

Starter brands are provided to all users for free and are a good starting point for developing artists or campaigns with less recipients. This tier does come with some limitations which are summarized in the "Associated Fees" table. Encore does not make a profit from the registration or monthly fees, they are imposed by US carriers and are passed directly on to you.
The Starter Brand tier has a simplified verification process which requires less vetting. To create a Starter customer profile you will only need to provide:
  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Billing address

Standard brand

The Standard Brand tier is the most suitable option if you intend to send a large number of US messages per day, and anticipate needing a high messaging volume to do so. Unlike Starter Brand registration, there are several fees associated with Standard Brand registration. However, Standard Brand users benefit from a substantially increased message volume, throughput, and phone number allotment.
If your Brand registration attempt fails and you receive feedback about the failure reason on the dashboard, please contact [email protected]. Encore can help you resubmit an application up to 2 times for no additional cost.

Starter brand vs. Standard brand

If you'd like to compare the brand tiers, check out this page.

Submitting a use case

After registering a Starter / Standard brand, you will need to define a messaging use case. The application process is simple and requires a few example messages you intend on sending to your fans. Standard Brands will need to go through an additional carrier review, so the more descriptive your application is, the higher probability your application will be approved. To submit a use case take the following steps:
  • Expand the Teams dropdown from the catalog sidebar
  • Expand the Manage dropdown and select Phones
  • Click Manage next to US Regulatory Compliance
  • Select Submit Use Case, and fill out the form
Submitting a use case for a Starter Brand is free, however submitting a use case for a Standard Brand is $10.00/mo. These fees are documented in the "Associated Fees" table. These fees are not from Encore, but imposed by US carriers. We have to pass these fees on to you.
If you'd like to view the entire US Compliance process we handle for you, check out this page.

Associated fees

Brand Type
Registration Fee
Monthly Fee
Message Limit
Message Rate
Up to 75/sec
Encore intelligently handles message limits by automatically rescheduling messages to be sent on the next calendar day. Currently, the daily limit resets at midnight, 12pm PST.

International compliance

Encore users must adhere to international phone number regulations. To help you comply with these regulations and minimize the risk of disruption to your phone numbers, Encore provides a regulatory compliance submission process.
Local regulations often require providing adequate identity documentation to carriers or a local enforcement agency. To avoid urgent escalations from regulators, we urge you to provide the required information for each country.
You must have an approved regulatory bundle before purchasing phone numbers for certain countries.
For an up-to-date FAQ on Regulatory Compliance, visit this page.

Creating a regulatory bundle

Visit the phone compliance page and click Create Bundle. You will be presented with a pop-up, on this modal, select your country, number type, and end user type. The values you choose in this pop-up determine what type of phone number you can purchase.
Follow the links listed below for more information on the bundle criteria mentioned above:
After clicking Create you will be routed to a page to submit supporting documents to meet local regulatory requirements. These requirements are listed in a table called Supporting Documents which define the required documentation necessary for approval. Each document must display a status of "Requirements met" before you will be able to submit the bundle for review.
Certain document types may apply to more than one row in the supporting documents table. For example, in the image above, if you submit a Government issued ID showing local address, both rows will be marked as "Requirements met".

Submitting a bundle for review

Once the Supporting documents table displays "Requirements met" for each row, you will be able to submit the bundle for review. The review process is handled by our phone provider, Twilio, and may take up to 48 hours (the response time is often much faster). Keep an eye out for bundle status updates in your email. Once the bundle is approved, you will be able to purchase and assign the bundle to a phone number that matches the regulatory bundle's criteria.
If you created a regulatory bundle for Italy, with a number type of Local and end user type of Individual, you will be able to use this bundle when purchasing a Local phone number from Italy for an Individual.