Encore Docs
Licenses that are purchased for each team are managed by the Owner of the team. Your Encore account handles licenses at an account level with a subscription that is billed monthly. In order to view / manage team licenses that are associated to your account, click here.
The price-per-license is discounted based on volume, so the more licenses associated to the account, the cheaper your monthly bill will become.

Volume pricing

Licenses are priced at a volume discount, so the more licenses you purchase and associate to teams, the cheaper your monthly bill per-license becomes. See the table below for a price breakdown
# of Licenses
Cost per License
1 to 5
6 to 10
11 or more
Cost Breakdown Examples
  • An account that manages 2 team licenses will pay $14.00/mo
  • An account that manages 7 team licenses will pay $42.00/mo

Cancel subscription

Canceling an Encore account subscription will downgrade all team licenses to a free tier immediately. In order to cancel your account subscription, click here.