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Create a Contact List Campaign

Create a contact list landing page and collect a user's preferred form of contact typically:

  • Text message
  • Email
  • Push notification

You can associate users on a contact list to a future release campaign and they will receive notifications for when a campaign runs. Associating fans from a contact list to a release is useful because it can reduce your marketing budget when attempting to re-aquire existing fans to join a waitlist. It's also useful if you want to build out a contact list without needing to create a release campaign!

Similar to release campaigns, contact lists include an analytics dashboard and the ability to export contact information to CSV.

Custom email address

When your campaigns using your contact list run, Encore will send your message from an email address that we own. However, you can associate a certain email address that you own, which gives you more branding control when sending out emails.


Due to spam protection policies, emails will still be sent from an Encore/UNCVRD LLC branded address, however, emails will be configured with your address defined as the Reply-To header. As a result, if a user wishes to respond to your message, the email will be routed to your email address instead of the Encore branded address.

Why can't I edit my email address?

While we believe most users will use the platform in good faith, we disabled editing the email address associated to a contact list for spam protection. When a fan joins a contact list, they have an expectation to be able to opt-out from notifications at any time. A bad actor could continuously modify the email used to send messages from a contact list and circumvent the recipients desire to opt-out.

Custom confirmation message

After registering for a contact list, a fan would normally see a default confirmation message, something that looks like:

You have successfully joined the contact list.

You can customize this confirmation message, even embed links to drive traffic to a different website if you wish.

Selecting notification methods

Encore provides several different modes of communication with your fans:

  • Text Message
  • Email
  • Push Notification

Each method has its pros and cons and you have the ability to select which options you think will work best for your fan base.

Text Message

According to Twilio, the open rate for all text messages sent is 99%. By far the most effective mode of communication with your fans.

Encore provides an extremely low barrier to entry to send messages to your fans with some of the lowest rates-per-message in the industry. For example, you can send a text message to a fan in the US for $0.01!


Be aware that text message rates vary per country and are subject to change over time. You can view current messaging rates for each country when creating your campaign here.

Text message preview

Text Message Preview


Encore has created a custom email template to encourage high click-through rates via email.

Email Preview

Email Preview

Push Notification

Push notification is analogous to a notification experice you could expect from a native mobile application like Instagram...without needing to download a native application. It's an excellent form of communication that does not require the fans to enter any personally identifiable information (PII) either.


Unfortunately, due to current limitations from Apple, this feature is unavailable on iOS Safari. At the time of writing this document, claims that web push notifications are available to 79% of the global audience, so we suggest adding this option regardless. We'll automatically hide the push notification option for fans viewing from an incompatible device.

Push notification preview

Push Notification Preview

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