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Create a free presave & waitlist landing page


Presaves allow fans to "pre-order" your music on streaming services. When a user elects to presave your music, they will be sent to a streaming service (like Spotify) to authenticate their account with Encore. After logging in, the user will be routed back to your landing page and your music will be presaved. If you run presave campaigns in the future, Encore recognizes returning fans and will not require them to reauthenticate with a 3rd party. This is extremely useful for increasing conversions! When your presave campaign runs, Encore will automatically add your music to their library.
Available for:
  • Spotify
  • Apple Music
  • Deezer
You must add a UPC when creating a Presave campaign. Encore uses this code to query for the unique ID of your music on each DSP. Please confirm that the UPC added to your campaign matches the UPC on the streaming services you are enabling presaves for or else you're campaign will not run!

Presave date

It is important to schedule your presave campaign date to run after your music is publicly available. If your campaign runs before the track is released, Encore will be unable to use the UPC to find your music on streaming services and presaves will not be sent out to your fans. Since rollout times vary depending on a release, it is your responsibility to ensure that the presave campaign date / time is correct.

Email notification

When a presave campaign runs, you can choose to notify recipients that your music has been added to their library. A free or team license is required as you will be billed for each email.


Waitlists are a powerful tool for your marketing strategy enabling full control of a release rollout. Fans can join a waitlist by text, email, push notification, or Discord and be notified of your next release.

Adding a message

One of the most useful features of a waitlist campaign is the ability to send a custom message to your fans. It's suggested to add a call-to-action (CTA) in your message to encourage fans to click on the link we automatically append to the message.
Make sure not to add any stream links to this message as we take care of this for you
When a user joins your waitlist, they can select their preferred stream/download service. The URL for their preferred service is appended to the end of the message that will be sent.
When creating your campaign you can decide which services are visible on the waitlist. Only services marked as "visible" will show up in the "Preferred Service" dropdown on the waitlist.
If the streaming service does not exist or is removed from your landing page, Encore will append a link to your landing page to allow the user to select a service, just like a traditional landing page would.

Schedule a date

You have full control over when we send out a message to fans on your release waitlist.
Use Encore's in-depth analytics to help target an optimal date / time for when your fans are most active!
Please be aware that once your waitlist campaign runs, and all the messages have been sent to fans on your waitlist, it cannot be re-scheduled.

Rollout method

When scheduling a campaign, you have the opportunity to choose between two rollout methods which will determine when messages are sent to recipients on your waitlists:
  • Immediate: Messages will be sent immediately at the scheduled campaign date. For example, a campaign scheduled to run at 6pm PST (Los Angeles), will attempt to send all messages at 6pm PST. This means that recipients in New York will receive a message at 9pm EST.
  • Timezone Optimized: Messages will be sent with respect to a recipients own timezone. For example, recipients from New York that joined a campaign scheduled to send messages at 6pm can expect to receive a message at 6pm EST, and a recipient from Los Angeles will receive a message at 6pm PST. It's important to take note of the hour you wish to send messages! If you schedule your campaign to run at 6pm PST, but you select for messages to be timezone optimized for 5pm, then users in PST will not receive a message until 5pm the following day!
Both rollout methods have their own pro's and con's, and it's up to you to decide which method is most effective for your campaign. Encore does recommend timezone optimized rollouts as you can make sure that recipients receive messages during daytime hours.

Contact lists

Encore allows you to associate existing contact lists to a release campaign. As a result, fans from a contact list will receive a notification about the campaign on release day. This is useful because you will not need to spend marketing budget re-aquiring fans that had previously registered for a waitlist.

Contact list opt-in

This field allows you to choose an existing contact list that will be presented to the user when they are joining your waitlist. As a result, you can build out a contact list for future notifications.

Custom email address

When your campaign runs, Encore will send your message from an email address that we own. However, you can associate a certain email address that you own, which gives you more branding control when sending out emails.
Due to spam protection policies, emails will still be sent from an Encore/UNCVRD LLC branded address, however, emails will be configured with your address defined as the Reply-To header. As a result, if a user wishes to respond to your message, the email will be routed to your email address instead of the Encore branded address.

Adding a custom domain

Teams with paid licenses will have the ability to use a custom domain for their release. For more information on how to add a license to a team, read more here.
To learn how to add a custom domain from your team dashboard, read about that here.

Customize the URL shortcode

By default, every landing page is assigned a random id. However, you can control how your URL looks by changing the shortcode. For example, you can customize a URL to look like: encoreapp.co/my-release-name
This id (we call it a shortcode) must be unique across all campaigns on Encore. If the shortcode is taken, we'll let you know that the shortcode must be changed before we can create the landing page.

Custom confirmation message

After registering for a waitlist, a fan would normally see a default confirmation message, something that looks like:
Thanks for joining the waitlist! You'll receive a message from the artist on November 7, 2021.
You can customize this confirmation message, even embed links to drive traffic to a different website if you wish.

Notification methods

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