Encore Docs
Releases are a collection of Track Version Files (Masters / Instrumentals / Acapellas), such as a playlist or an album, that can be shared. If you are unfamiliar with the Track Version File terminology, please click the link referenced in this paragraph.

Adding tracks

In order to add Track Version Files to a release, click the "Add Tracks" button and a side bar listing all tracks in your catalog will appear. By default, when clicking on a track in this sidebar, it'll add the Master file to the release. However, any Track Version File associated to your Track can replace it (i.e. an acapella file or instrumental).


Add relevant download / stream links for this release.

UPC Scan

Encore can utilize the UPC code corresponding to a release and automatically search for streaming links from Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer. Support for other streaming services will be scheduled for a future release of Encore.


Attachments are useful when you need to upload additional assets for a release. For example this could be the album artwork, stems, social media assets etc.

Sharing a release

You can define the following properties when creating a link:
  • Download - enables the ability to download the track version files connected to this release. When downloading a file, any Track metadata defined in Encore will be automatically embedded in to the file (if the file format permits it).
  • Password - adds a password protected landing page before the stream page is accessible.
  • Expiration Date - configures a specific date / time that the link will no longer be available.
  • Visibility
    • Restricted - allows you to restrict the link to a specific set of email addresses
    • Public - Anyone with the link can view