Encore Docs
Using Encore, you can catalog your entire music library to manage track files, version history, and shareable links to those files. It's important to understand some terminology and the level of granularity to manage your assets within the platform.

Anatomy of a Track

When you upload a new file to your catalog, a new track entry is created. A Track can contain multiple Track Versions and a Track Version can contain several Track Version Files. These Track Version Files can be categorized as either a Master, Instrumental, or Acapella. This hierarchy allows you to keep a version history of the files you've uploaded along with separating the master audio from corresponding acapellas and instrumentals. Here's a visual representation
A graphic depicting the anatomy of a Track.


A track is the parent "container" for all versions of an audio file and manages global metadata such as the artist name, title, BPM, lyrics, etc.

Track Version

A track version allows you to manage history of your track over time. For example, while producing a track you may produce a draft of a song that you'd like to upload on Encore and share with your peers. This would be Version 1. After improving upon your draft, you'd like to share your progress. At this point, you could create a new version (Version 2), upload the file and share this new version with your peers.
You can manage Track Versions and even revert to a previous version at any time. Therefore allowing you to maintain the history of your track over time.

Track Version File

A track version file is the actual audio file that you uploaded. Please note, if you upload an audio file that is not an MP3, Encore will save your original file and also transcode the file in to an MP3. For example, if you upload a WAV file, you'll notice that your Track contains two files, an MP3 and your original WAV.

Sharing Tracks

When sharing a link, you need to select the specific Track Version File to create a link for. This level of granularity gives you detailed control over the exact audio file you are sharing with someone. For example, if you were to watermark a track, you'd notice a new Track Version File was added to your Track. Now, when creating your link you can select this newly-generated watermarked file to share.
You can define the following properties when creating a link:
  • Download - enables the ability to download the track file. When downloading a file, any Track metadata defined in Encore will be automatically embedded in to the file (if the file format permits it).
  • Password - adds a password protected landing page before the stream link is accessible.
  • Expiration Date - configures a specific date / time that the track will no longer be available.
  • Visibility
    • Restricted - allows you to restrict the link to a specific set of email addresses
    • Public - Anyone with the link can view