Encore Docs

Install Encore Bot on to your server

Copy the URL provided below and paste it into your browser. You’ll be guided through the installation flow.
After installing your app, you can head over to your server and see that it has joined

Available Commands

After the bot has been installed in your server, you'll have access to a new set of /encore commands in your chat.


Command template: /encore waitlist [landing-page-id]
  • [lading-page-id] (string) the unique id of your landing page

Contact List

Command template: /encore contactlist [contact-list-id]
  • [contact-list-id] (string) the unique id of your contact list
If you've enabled waitlisting for a landing page or created a contact list, you can embed the campaign directly within your chat. Users can opt-in directly from Discord and will receive a DM with a trackable streaming link when your campaign runs.
Enter the waitlist command in your chat
An example campaign embedded directly in Discord