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Contact List
Create a contact list landing page and collect a user's preferred form of contact typically:
  • Text message
  • Email
  • Push notification
You can associate users on a contact list to a future waitlist and they will receive notifications when a campaign runs. Associating fans from a contact list to a release is useful because it can reduce your marketing budget when attempting to re-aquire existing fans to join a waitlist. It's also useful if you want to build out a contact list without needing to create a waitlist!
Similar to waitlist, contact lists include an analytics dashboard and the ability to export contact information to CSV.

Why can't I edit my email address?

While we believe most users will use the platform in good faith, we disabled editing the email address associated to a contact list for spam protection. When a fan joins a contact list, they have an expectation to be able to opt-out from notifications at any time. A bad actor could continuously modify the email used to send messages from a contact list and circumvent the recipients desire to opt-out.

Notification Methods