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Encore launches with a dashboard tool called "Messages". This will allow you to view (and respond) to text messages from fans. Outside of the many obvious benefits, a popular use-case is that you'll be able to share your custom phone numbers directly with fans (in your Instagram bio or story) and they'll be able to text you. All of which can be managed directly from your dashboard.
A free or paid license is required. The messages dashboard comes at no extra cost. You'll only pay for your custom phone number (starting at $2 / phone per month) and the cost of sending/receiving messages (in the US this will cost $0.01 / message).
All numbers can be used to send one-way SMS to other countries, with the exception of the United States which can only receive SMS from US and Canada numbers.

Send bulk messages

The dashboard provides functionality to compose a bulk message to a specific contact list. When you click "send" your messages will be queued up and sent to all members of a contact list. It's important to be responsible with this feature as you may see an increase in "opt-outs" if you bulk message fans too often!
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