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Text Pricing

How does Encore calculate the cost of a message?

As part of the SMPP specifications, when we receive a request that includes more than 160 characters we must split up the messages in order to send them. They will then be reassembled into a single message on most handsets.
Encore will bill per message, not per request. For example, if you send a message with 200 characters to a US mobile number, you are charged for $0.01 x 2 = $0.02. Note that a special header needs to be appended to handle concatenated messages, so each segment can only contain up to 153 characters.
Messages with one or more non-GSM characters (like emojis) have to be sent using UCS-2 encoding and can only contain 67 characters per segment for multi-part messages. Therefore, sending a message with 150 characters that includes a non-GSM character would cost you $0.01 x 3 = $0.03.
You can calculate the number of segments your message contains using this website.
Teams with a Free license will be charged a 10% messaging fee. Teams with a Paid license will have this fee waived.

Price per country

Pricing varies widely per country, you can view current price per country on Encore here.