Encore Docs
Custom domains are only availble with a Team License
A useful feature of an Encore Team License is the ability to use a custom domain for your campaigns. This maintains branding consistency and is recognizable to your fans.
For example, you can take a generic Encore domain like encoreapp.co/release-name and turn it into your-domain.com/release-name
This is a multi-step process that requires access to your domain. We'll break it down in to a few simple steps below.

Create a DNS record

This step is dependent on your DNS provider, we'll walk through how to add a DNS record on Cloudflare, but the process is largely the same across all providers. Here are a couple links for DNS record creation for some top providers:
As mentioned, we'll be using Cloudflare for this tutorial.
Log in to your account, select the domain you would like to use for Encore
Select the DNS tab at the top of the webpage
The next step depends on whether you plan on pointing an apex domain (i.e. your-domain.com) or the subdomain (i.e. artist.your-domain.com) at Encore. Pointing a subdomain requires creating a CNAME record while an apex domain requires an A record. CNAME's are the easiest so we'll start with that one first.

Creating a CNAME Record for subdomains

  • Click "Add Record" in "DNS Management"
    • Type: CNAME
    • Name: artist (anything you like)
    • Target: domain.encoreapp.co (required)
    • TTL: Auto
    • Proxy status: DNS Only
After creating a CNAME record with the values above, you will be able to build URLs that look like artist.your-domain.com/my-release in Encore.

Creating an A Record for apex domains

  • Click "Add Record" in "DNS Management"
    • Type: A
    • Name: @ (required)
    • Target: (required)
    • TTL: Auto
    • Proxy status: DNS Only
After creating an A record with the values above, you will be able to build URLs that look like your-domain.com/my-release in Encore.
If you are using a service that provides a proxy, make sure to disable that feature! For Cloudflare, this means clicking the "Cloud" icon. Make sure it's gray!

Connect the domain to Encore

To add a domain, access your Team > Manage dropdown from the dashboard sidebar, select Domains, and enter the full domain into the input. Using the CNAME record example above, you would enter artist.your-domain.com, for the A record example above, you would enter your-domain.com.

Are custom domains secure?

Since your fans can submit personally identifiable information (PII) such as emails and phone numbers when joining a waitlist, it's important that data submitted through your custom domain on Encore is encrypted. The short answer is, yes they are.
Requests originating from your custom domain (i.e. artist.your-domain.com) are proxied through our server which requests a TLS certificate from Let's Encrypt and secures any communication between your fans and Encore. You can observe the connection is secure by confirming there is a "green lock" indicating that communication is encrypted with a valid TLS certificate.
Please note that the first time you visit a page using your custom domain, the page may take a few seconds to load. This is because we need to request a TLS certificate from Let's Encrypt. The round-trip request takes some time, but any subsequent page loads after we've received the TLS certificate from Let's Encrypt should be lightning fast!

What happens if I remove my domain?

If you decide to remove or replace a domain associated to your account, any campaigns referencing the old domain will be redirected to an encoreapp.co domain. This means that your old links will not break.