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Integrations allow Teams with a paid license to integrate with 3rd party tools such adding a Facebook Pixel to track custom conversion. Over time, more integrations will become available. Please contact us if you'd like to see additional integrations and we'll add them!

Add a Facebook Pixel

Take control of your campaign analytics by integrating your own Facebook Pixel to track custom events & conversions.

Retrieving your Facebook Pixel ID

To ensure the documentation stays up to date, follow the official Facebook docs to create and / or retrieve your Facebook Pixel

Add your Facebook Pixel to Encore

  • Select Teams > Manage from the Catalog sidebar
  • Scroll to the section of the form called Integrations and add your Facebook Pixel ID here.
From this point forward, your landing pages & contact lists will load your Pixel and track clicks and conversions which can be viewed in your Facebook Events Manager.
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