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Export Contacts

Teams with a Paid license can export the contact information of users that register for their waitlists and contact lists. This means you have full control over communicating with fans that engage with your content. Build out an email list or address book of phone numbers. They're your fans. Take control of your community!

Exporting contacts to CSV

While contact information from your campaigns are stored on Encore, you can export your contacts and download them in CSV format.

Download contacts from a campaign

To download contacts from a waitlist or contact list campaign, view the details page for each campaign and click the download button in the top right corner.


Waitlist Export

Contact lists

Contact List Export

Download contacts from a team

Encore makes it easy to export all contacts from campaigns pertaining to a specific team. For example, this is useful if you'd like to download contact information for every user that has ever joined a contact list / waitlist on Encore. Additionally, you can filter contacts by the tags associated to the campaign to only download a specific subset of fans.

Export Team Contacts

To download, visit your team dashboard and select Export Contacts, apply tags to filter results by (optional) and click Export Contacts. Additionally, this page is also a central location to download a specific contact list for a campaign.

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